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— And where to go? Slept here; in the room - afraid; as I remembered that the deceased wife said that I fall from my bed in a dream, well, I think it’s better here. And you see - a whole one for now. Sit on a stool

Soon I left Stepanych's, armed with a description of his tenant. I had to fight with the old man, who reduced the entire appearance of his upsetter to the word "goat". But as a result, I got: 30–35 years old, tall, his name is Zhenya, dark hair, cut short, dressed in white, a ring with a dark stone on his finger, divorced (according to him). That's all, and

the rest is a goat.

I called Irina from the shaping center from a street machine, found her at home. It's good to work as an accountant, honestly.

somnambulistic state - she has not yet woken up! - Irina clarified Gudkova's address and gave me her phone number.


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