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Quality Clothing

Lifetime warranty

Turn Down the Cold, Turn Up the Heat

Heated Clothing Awareness to Cure Chronic Coldness

Lifetime Warranty on Our Heating Elements & Plugs

We stand by our technology by offering the best, no-hassle warranty in the industry. Repairs are done in-house, so if we can’t fix it, we replace it! All we require is a proof of purchase.

Latest Technology + Quality Materials

Our FineWire™ technology is the most reliable and comfortable option in the industry, with adjustable temperatures reaching over 135 degrees. We pair stellar workmanship with the most affordable prices.

Compatible With Other Popular Brands

Our clothing and accessories are compatible with the most popular brands in the industry. Now you don’t have to think twice when expanding your current heated wear ensemble.

Heated Clothing For Everyone - No Frills, Just Heat

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California Heat was founded by Ron & Katie Stull in 2014. After years of experience working in the industry, they realized people needed a quality, affordable heated clothing brand they could trust. By taking all the best qualities customers enjoyed in a heated brand, then combining it with their own passionate beliefs in customer care.... 

.... California Heat was born.

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