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Register Your Newly Purchased Heated Clothing Product Below Or Skip Down To the Warranty Claim Form If You Are Having Issues With Your Heated Gear

Product Warranty Registration

Register your product after purchase so we may easily assist you with warranty claims in the future

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Warranty Claim Form​​

Having an issue with your heated clothing gear? Fill out the below form to submit a warranty claim.

Warranty Claim Process​​ - Issues With Your Heated Gear

All warranty claims should be processed by the customer as soon as a possible issue is detected. A warranty claim form must be completed below to streamline & initiate the process. If there is a question regarding whether a warranty claim is justified or what further actions should be taken, the customer should contact support@california-heat.com.

If deemed the product should be returned, an authorization code (RA#) will be generated and shared for the return shipment. Roundtrip shipping will be paid by the customer. The warranty claim form must accompany a return shipment.


The product will be evaluated, and the customer will be notified with one of the following resolutions:

1. The product will be returned to the customer if the warranty claim is not justified

2. The product will be returned after repair and testing – turnaround time is typically two to three weeks

3. A replacement product will be shipped – if the exact model is no longer supported, the most comparable substitution will be made