Frequently Asked Questions

Because Knowing Is Half the Battle


What are the product warranties? (for details visit our warranty page HERE)

  • 1 Year - Manufacturer Defects and Workmanship
  • 90 Days - All Batteries

  • 2 Years - All Controllers

  • Lifetime Warranty - Clothing Heating Elements AND Plugs

Are California Heat heated clothing/accessories compatible with other brands? 

Yes, some brands. There are brands that have recently changed their connections/plugs, so please call us for more specific information to ensure the best heated clothing experience.

What if the heated clothing, 12V battery, or 7V battery gets wet?

All of our clothing wiring is sealed with a heavy-duty coating, so there is no risk if it gets wet.

The batteries  (and other heated accessories) are built to be water-resistant and withstand majority of weather conditions. However, the battery is not meant to be submerged in water or other liquids.


Can heated clothing be washed?

Yes. Hand wash with a mild laundry detergent and hang to dry. You may place clothing in a washer as well, just zip in all loose wires, place clothing in a lingerie bag and set washer to a delicate cycle. Be sure to remove batteries and any other items from the pockets. DO NOT DRY CLEAN.  DO NOT IRON.  DO NOT MACHINE DRY.


What kind of battery is it? 

It is a rechargeable 7V, 3500 mAh Lithium-Ion battery.


How long will the 7V battery power my clothing?
The length of time ranges from 3-10 hours. The time depends on the product connected & temperature setting. It usually takes 3-4 hours to charge a battery.

The built-in controller has 4 temperature settings:



How do I charge the battery & what's included with the clothing?

The battery can be charged using our 7V Wall Chargers or Car Charger. All clothing comes with everything needed for operation as follows:

What is the typical lifespan of a battery?

When cared for properly, its lifespan is up to 500 charge cycles. To extend life the of your battery, maintain a 25% charge when not in use.

Can I connect my 7V clothing to a 12V power source?

No. The battery-powered gear is made to handle a lower voltage (7V) than that of a 12V vehicle. 

7V Temp Chart.PNG
7V Included Items.png


Can my 12V electrical system handle the draw?

Refer to your owner's manual to look up the wattage of your vehicle's 12V electrical system. Pictured below are the totals based on connecting to a 12V power source. We always suggest using the 15 amp fuse already included with the battery harness. It will easily handle an entire heated clothing outfit.

Why is my controller flashing a fast red and green? 
This is typically caused by a back surge of power to the controller. It is a built-in fail-safe to prevent the controller from overheating. To correct it, turn the controller off and back on again. For best results, start your bike before you plug in. 

How do I connect 2 people to the same 12V powersport vehicle
Each person must have separate temperature controllers and independent power connections (i.e. battery harnesses). Using only one controller & power connection may overload the battery or controller, causing a malfunction or damage.

What are the differences between the 12V Temperature Controllers & How Do They Connect?

Plugs are color-coded and match up with the plugs on heated clothing. The red plug is for the battery harness or other coax cable connection (BMW/battery tender adapter or 12V accessory port).

12V amp pull.png
12V Battery Harness
12V Accessory Plug & BMW Plug

How do I connect 12V motorcycle/powersport & vehicle-powered heated clothing?

(also reference12V diagram at bottom of page)

There are multiple ways to connect clothing to a 12V power source:


1.  Battery Harness

Connect directly to the positive & negative terminals of your battery.

2.  12V Accessory Plug / BMW Plug (Cigarette Plug Adapter)

The adapter plugs directly into a standard 12V DC outlet, commonly found on vehicles like cars, buses, boats, and even tractors. It also converts into a BMW adapter plug.


3.  Battery Tender (Via Female SAE to Coax Cable)

The Female SAE to Coax cord can be connected directly to a battery tender cable. However, the battery tender of most powersport vehicles only has a 3-5 amp fuse. Therefore, you MUST change the fuse so that the total amps of the clothing connected does not exceed the maximum amps of the fuse.

If you opt to connect this way, we recommend no longer using it as a battery tender to avoid a malfunction resulting in damage to your battery.




WARNING: With all methods of connecting, a temperature controller should ALWAYS be used. A controller regulates the heat output to make sure you ride comfortably and safely. Without a controller, you will experience a constant temperature of at least 135°F. 

12V Heated Clothing Diagram