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(🤷 And Neither Are From California 🤷)

California Heat was founded by Ron & Katie Stull in Washington in 2014. After over 20 years of combined experience working for the company that pioneered heated clothing, they realized people needed a quality, affordable brand they could trust. They soon teamed up with the Ambrose Family in Maryland to take heated clothing to the next level. Together they combined all the best qualities customers enjoyed in a heated brand with their passionate belief in customer care, forming the fun-loving family brand California Heat. Although Ron passed away in 2019, he continues to live on in our hearts & through the love of heated clothing he helps us share with the world.

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MAP Price Protection  •  No Minimum Order Quantity

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Place Orders Online, By Phone, or Simply Email a P.O.

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7V Gloves & Vest - shooting3-min
7V Balaclava - motorcycle-min
7V gloves - soccer moms-min
7V Balaclava & socks - softball-min
12V outfit - couple on bike2-min
7V Gloves & Vest - fishing-min
7V Gloves & Vest - walking dog-min
7V - shoveling-min
12V ----min
7V Balaclava - snowboard-min
7V - outside working-min
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