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Hybrid Heat Controller -       7V to 12V Converter

Hybrid Heat Controller - 7V to 12V Converter

SKU: TC12-7

2022 Powersports Business Nifty 50 Winner

With the Hybrid Heat Controller you can now power 7V battery-powered heated gear using a Motorcycle, Powersport Vehicle, or any 12V Accessory Port.


1. Use a 12V power source to heat a 7V battery-powered item OR a pair of gloves/socks (using a 7V y-harness)

2. Use a 12V power source to charge a 7V battery

3. Do both at the same time!




  • Compatible with some other 7V battery-powered brands that use the same plugs, including push-button heated gear


  • Charge other brand 7V batteries that use the same plugs


  • A dead (fully discharged) 7V battery takes 4-5 hours to fully charge while connected to a 12V power source


  • If the controller is disconnected from a 12V power source, the 7V battery will begin powering the 7V clothing - simply turn on the battery then use the controller to change the temperature settings


  • Three heat settings:
LED LIGHT Blue Amber Red
Temperature Setting Low Medium High



Input - Connected to 12V Battery: 11V-16V DC

Output 1 - Charging 7V Battery: 8.4V 1.5A

*Output 1 becomes a 7V Input powering Output 2 when it is connected to a charged 7V battery but NOT connected to a 12V power source

Output 2 - Powering 7V Heated Product: 7V 2A max with three output settings (33%-66%-99%)


REQUIRED FOR OPERATION (sold separately)

3 Options For Connecting to a 12V Power Source:

12V Battery Harness  OR  12V Accessory Plug  OR  12V SAE-COAX Female



All controllers are covered by a 2 year warranty. See the Warranty Info page for details.


WARNING: Failure to use product(s) as instructed or alter them in any way could result in damage to the products, cause them to malfunction, and/or cause bodily harm.

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