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12V SAE to Coax - Female

12V SAE to Coax - Female


The SAE Female Plug is another option for connecting to your 12V power source. One end connects to the battery tender, while the other end connects to your 12V temperature controller. This adapter can also be used with the older style of heated clothing that has an SAE connection.

  • You MUST confirm that the fuse size on the battery tender cable is sufficient enough to run your gear


  • We do not recommend using your cable as a battery tender wire if you are increasing the fuse to use it for your heated gear


  • 8” length, Max capacity 15 amps



WARNING: Each person must have their own temperature and power adapter (Battery Harness, Accessory Plug, RCA, or SAE). Using only one controller and/or power cable for more than one individual's heated outfit may overload the 12V battery or controller and could result in damage to the products, cause them to malfunction, and/or cause bodily harm.

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