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12V Battery Harness

12V Battery Harness


The Battery Harness is used to power 12V heated gear by connecting directly to a 12V battery for use on motorcycles, ATV’s, snowmobiles, and more. 

The 12V Battery Harness is the most popular & recommended power adapter for connecting your 12V heated clothing.

• 38” wire length and hook connectors for easy installation

• 15 amp fuse included within the inline fuse holder on the positive (red) lead

• Weather cap cover attached

• A battery harness is included with the purchase of a California Heat Jacket Liner or StreetRider Jacket


Installation Instructions:

1. Before beginning installation, locate the positive and negative cables on your powersport vehicle battery

2. Connect the battery harness terminals to their matching positive (red) and negative (black) terminals on your battery

3. Run the battery harness up the center or left side of your vehicle, depending on your vehicle setup

4. The female coax plug on the harness will connect to your 12V Temperature Controller when you are ready to ride warm


Note - You may also connect the battery harness to a 12V Panel Mount Port (sold separately)


Refer to your owner's manual to look up the wattage of your vehicle's 12V electrical system. Pictured below are the amp draws based on connecting to a 12V power source. We always suggest using the 15 amp fuse already included with the battery harness since it will easily handle an entire heated clothing outfit. To calculate your true amp draw, divide the amp draw on all items you are going to connect by 12, then multiply by your motorcycle volt output.




(per pair)


(per pair)

Jacket Pants
Amp Draw 2.4 2.4 6.4 4.6
Watts 27 27 77 55


WARNING: Each person must have their own temperature controller and power adapter (Battery Harness, Accessory Plug, etc). Using only one controller and/or power cable for more than one individual's heated outfit may overload the 12V battery or controller and could result in damage to the products, cause them to malfunction, and/or cause bodily harm.

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