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7V Heated Vest

7V Heated Vest


Our Heated Vest is the perfect mid-layer for anyone desiring an extremely thin and lightweight garment. Elongated heating panels spread warmth across your front and down your back. Its unique design allows you to roll it into a tiny ball for easy transport.

The Vest begins warming your core within seconds using a compact, rechargeable 7V lithium-ion battery. The advanced heating technology makes this vest the perfect heated mid-layer for hunting, fishing, outdoor sports, or just enjoying warmth during any outdoor activity.


• Wind resistant, water repellent ripstop Nylon and expandable Lycra spandex side panels

Weighs only 1lb with the battery

• Heating elements are located in long vertical panels on the chest (x2) and down the back

• Battery lasts 2-8 hours (depending on setting)  •  Max Heat 135° F



Package Includes Everything Needed For Operation

• Wall Charger

• 7.4V / 3500mAh Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery


Lifetime Warranty on the Finewire™ Heating Elements & Plugs

Finewire™ heating elements are composed of interwoven, highly conductive microfibers that have a heavy-duty coating applied. This superior craftsmanship creates an extremely durable product that heats up quickly, ensuring comfortable warmth during any cold weather activity.



WARNING:  All heated clothing must be operated using the recommended 7V batteries and accessories. Failure to do so will result in unregulated, high temperature output that could cause skin burns.

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