7V Outdoor Pro Gloves

7V Outdoor Pro Gloves


Our Outdoor Pro Gloves are the heated clothing "jack-of-all-trades", with extra features perfect for any hunter, police/military, outdoor worker, or just anyone who hates the idea of being cold.

Color: Black

The gloves begin warming your hands within seconds using a compact, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The advanced heating technology allows you to maintain a constant level of thermal comfort and protection while enjoying your favorite outdoor activities.


• Constructed of heat-resistant & puncture-resistant Kevlar on top, plus soft cowhide leather on the palm side

• Water-resistant & windproof with breathable HiPora® plus flexible Thinsulate® insulation

• Extended gauntlet to comfortably fit over your jacket

• Features a “trigger finger” on both gloves for use with hunting and shooting, or just to make things like cell phone use easier

• Option to pair with a Y-Harness to connect to a single battery (sold separately)

• Heating elements start at the wrist then wrap down around the fingertips to cover the entire palm as well

• Two batteries combined last 2-8 hours (depending on setting) 

•  Max Heat 135°F


Package Includes Everything Needed For Operation

• Dual Wall Charger

• (2) 7.4V / 3500mAh Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries



Lifetime Warranty on the Finewire™ Heating Elements & Plugs

Finewire™ heating elements are composed of interwoven, highly conductive microfibers that have a heavy-duty coating applied. This superior craftsmanship creates an extremely durable product that heats up quickly, ensuring comfortable warmth during any cold weather activity.



WARNING:  All heated clothing must be operated using the recommended 7V batteries and accessories. Failure to do so will result in unregulated, high temperature output that could cause skin burns.