12V Gauntlet Gloves

12V Gauntlet Gloves


Our "All Weather" Heated Gauntlet Gloves are made for the hardcore rider, built to keep you warm even down to single digit temperatures.


Included: y-harness

Sold Separately: choice of controller & a battery harness (or accessory/BMW plug where applicable)


The gloves begin warming your hands within seconds using any 12V DC power source by connecting directly to the battery or the 12V accessory outlet. Our advanced heating technology allows you to maintain a constant level of thermal comfort at high speeds or altitude.


• Constructed of lightweight Nylon, leather and tricot lining

• Includes flexible Thinsulate® insulation and adjustable Velcro wrist strap

• Waterproof & windproof with breathable HiPora®

• Touchscreen compatible index fingers & rubber goggle/lens wiper on thumb

• Heating elements start at the wrist then wrap down around the fingertips to cover the entire palm as well

• Power:  27W @ 12V or 2.4A total  •  Max Heat 135° F



WARNING:  All heated clothing must be operated using the specified temperature controller. Failure to do so will result in unregulated, high temperature output that could cause skin burns. Do not leave heated clothing plugged in while unattended.



Lifetime Warranty on the Finewire™ Heating Elements & Plugs

Finewire™ heating elements are composed of interwoven, highly conductive microfibers that have a heavy-duty coating applied. This superior craftsmanship creates an extremely durable product that heats up quickly, ensuring comfortable warmth during any cold weather activity.