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12V Temperature On/Off Switch

12V Temperature On/Off Switch


The 12V On/Off Switch is used as a backup to control the heat of your heated gear. When turned on your heated clothing will be heated at full strength (+135°F). When turned off there will be no heat.

The On/Off Switch is an alternative option in case something happens to your main temperature controller and you need heat in a pinch.

  • 12" length

  • Not recommended as a permanent heat control solution due to the lack of temperature controls

  • May cause burns with continuous, long-term use


REQUIRED FOR OPERATION (sold separately)

12V Battery Harness  OR  12V Accessory Plug


WARNING: Failure to use product(s) as instructed or alter them in any way could result in damage to the products, cause them to malfunction, and/or cause bodily harm.

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